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You're an army of one, so get paid for it.


about us


a design education is your greatest asset

We didn't plan this. We thought that out of architecture school, we would go into the working world at big-name firms and never look back. Instead, we found that our skills made us invaluable in any number of roles. We could do everything we loved, and get paid really well.

Out of Architecture is a career consulting firm started by two Harvard-educated professionals interested in exploring the value of their skills both in and out of the architectural profession. Combined experiences at architecture firms including Studio Gang Architects, Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto, and Tod Williams + Billie Tsien Architects, we’ve experienced a multitude of office cultures and design positions.

Our backgrounds in design have taken us many places: material and technology innovation at Adidas, leading design thinking courses at several prestigious academic institutions from the United States to India, business development and design-strategy consulting for various technology start-ups and VC’s in New York City. Not to mention, we've built our fair share of award-winning buildings.

We’re here to help you maximize all of the expertise you have honed as a designer to get you a role that fulfills and challenges you. We have the knowledge, experience, and connections to help you put your best self into the market – and reap the benefits. 





Our Services


We make it happen. Taking the first step into something new can be tough. We are here to guide you and provide valuable insight from the other side of the fence. There's nothing more powerful than an architectural education, and we can help you show the world why you're a world class design thinker and army-of-one!


Career Consulting

Start-ups. Fashion. Technology Firms. Starting your own practice. Design Consulting. We can help you get where you want to be because we've been in your shoes. Our experience spans everything from Ivy-League architecture degrees, to MBAs, as well as working at big-name firms including Studio Gang Architects, Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto, and Tod Williams + Billie Tsien Architects. We've run our own companies, consulted for countless others, and found success stepping out of architecture into Fortune 500 companies like Adidas.

This is our Bread + Butter. It is what we do.

ResumE Building

Applying for different roles means showcasing different skills, and we can frame your experience and achievements in a manner that will get you noticed. We can support your pursuit of roles in Research and Development, Design, Architecture, or Academia. We understand the importance and strategy behind key terminology, presentation, and focused editing.

A clean CV is worth your weight in gold.


Networking Services

Are you looking at a particular company or kind of role outside your own, but don't know where to start? We will work with you to network and develop connections that will increase your visibility during the application process. We have extensive networks that we have built to help find the perfect fit for open positions.



We are always looking for star candidates... so are our friends! By joining our network as a client, you will be considered for roles that we see as both a fit for your goals and our corporate partners. Introduce yourself by scheduling a call and get extra eyes on your job search. 

Application Review

We have successfully navigated the complexities of countless applications to top-tier universities and companies. Whether you're looking to take the first step into the best design programs like Harvard University or Cornell University, or trying to branch out into other roles, we can help you portray your value with an expert review of your application. 

We take a holistic approach to branding you and your skills, and can help with everything from portfolios and resumes, to cover letters, CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

Portfolio Critique

Our clients are driven, passionate and talented. We help you showcase your best qualities and those cross-disciplinary skills that will land you in your dream role. Portfolios are a unique opportunity to set yourself apart, particularly when applying to non-architecture roles or looking to bridge the gap from architecture and other design industries. We will work to provide insight into the best methods for sharing and explaining your work (both from school and from professional experience).

Before talking to Out of Architecture, I felt as though my architecture role wasn’t allowing me to push boundaries and explore modern methods of design. After our conversations, I realized that many of the skills I consider secondary, are actually those that give me an edge outside the industry.

This was just the push I needed to change industries for my perfect role, and they helped every step of the way.
— B.Arch '10, Master of Design '14


our rates



Introductory Consultation

We want to meet you.

Our jobs revolve around connecting with incredible talent all around the world, and having the power to steer you toward your goals. Introduce yourself, and learn about us and how we can work together.


Career Consultation

Gain insight into avenues you can use to pursue a highly-fulfilling and lucrative career with the skills you've spent years developing already. After your introductory consultation and examining your resume and portfolio, we will schedule a 60-minute call with our team where we will dive in-depth into companies, industries, and opportunities.




RESUME or portfolio REVIEW

Get a fresh perspective. Nobody is a bigger critic than yourself. We will pour through your material and advise on style, experience and projects to highlight, phrasing, and spend 30-minutes on the phone with you working through any questions.

We tailor these to your future goals, not to your past experience. 


application Material Review

Resume, portfolio, and cover letter are all included in this comprehensive package. You'll have an opportunity to introduce yourself on a 20-minute call to help us understand you and we'll deliver a full-blown review of your application materials with edits and recommendations for next-steps. Includes a follow-up call covering the final review set.




linkedin review

Add this to any package or combination and have us work with you on crafting your LinkedIn persona. We review job titles, descriptions, profile photos, experience, and details down to URL links to ensure you're being seen in the best possible light.


additional services

Salary negotiation. Interview coaching. Starting Bonuses. Moving expense. Reaching out to new networks. Let us help you in whatever way you need. Rates can be negotiated for longer periods.




client careerpaths

Our clients have gone on to work with many exciting companies such as...




We can't help you find your dream job if we don't know you're out there.

Send us a message with any questions you have regarding our fees, scheduling, or services. Your information and questions are always confidential.